Your voice matters.
And so does theirs.

We are a creative agency dedicated to helping businesses and non-profits who advocate for and empower the marginalized. 


The countless hours invested, late nights and unexpected emergences. 

The many challenges overcome, and the heart and soul invested to make this what it is today. 

The funds raised, the team recruited, the people that have been helped, and the difference made thus far…well, it isn’t to be taken lightly. 

And that’s something to celebrate. 

Overcoming. Trusting. Daring to dream. 

At the end of the day, you do what you do because there’s something deep inside of you that advocates; a desire to champion the marginalized and overlooked. To empower. To build. To set free.

And we get that. 

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

-Fred Rogers

Sound familiar?

Hosting, Theme, Page Builder, Updates, Backups, and don’t even mention e-commerce. It’s a bit much. 

Wix, Weebly, WordPress and about every other “W” thing…and all we want is for it to WORK! There has to be an easier way.

Is there really anyone out there who I can trust with this? Who will be able to truly capture the heart of what we do?

What if the solution is closer than you think? You’re looking for talent and experience, and an agency who is trustworthy.  Who “gets” what you do, and is passionate about it too.   who can catch your vision quickly, but can also advise on what needs to change visually with your brand and website.

Hey, I'm Nancy!

Nancy is the CEO of Firefly Graphic Design. She spent almost a decade working overseas with non-profits and especially enjoys using her expertise to help businesses and non-profits create a digital presence they could only dream of. When she’s not building and creating, she’s probably enjoying a good cup of coffee, spending time with her kids or laughing with friends.

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Happy Clients!

" notch talent..."

I was so pleased to find a local design expert; especially one with top-notch talent. Nancy did a fantastic job for me at a very reasonable price. I have received about a gazillion compliments on her work. She was easy to work with -- responsive, authentic, and enthusiastic about my new business. I frequently recommend her to others. She will make your business look GREAT!
Marcie S.
Schanfish Legal Group, PLLC

"...very responsive..."

Nancy was incredible. She was able to take my imaginary very vague ideas and make them real. She has a great talent for listening and getting just what you want! She is also very easy to work with and is great at listening to your ideas- something that is so important with somebody you are trusting your brand to! She is very responsive and works very hard to get things done on time!
Cousett H.
Owner - Techie Mamma

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